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Celebrating our 70th Anniversary: Our Start in 1943

In 2013, we celebrate our 70th year of service since our founding in 1943 as the Charlottesville and Albemarle War and Community Fund by the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce. Our local leaders of that era were charged with raising funds from this area of Virginia for World War II efforts, and had the foresight to include community needs in that fund drive as well. From their vision to provide in an organized way for those with the greatest need, or at the greatest risk, evolved what is now the United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area.

In celebration of our 65th anniversary, our United Way Historian, Jim Kennan, along with assistance from local volunteer, Beth Shannon, dug through years of meeting minutes, marketing materials, newspaper clippings, and photos to create posters and a booklet.  Thank you, Jim and Beth, for your hard work to help us preserve our history while at the same time painting a beautiful picture of how we have grown since 1943.

For our complete history visit our Mission and History page.

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