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Vote for Juan!

“Napoleon Dynamite” was on TV again this weekend, and as I saw the ”Vote for Pedro” t-shirt, I got to thinking that I should make up “Vote for Juan” shirts. You see, Charlottesville’s very own Juandiego Wade has a “How I Live United” video entered in the online Live United Story Search contest.

Someone Lives United when they give, advocate or volunteer. Juan Wade is always one of the first persons to come to mind when our staff needs an example. He has been a long-time mentor and advocate for other adults to mentor youth. He serves on the Charlottesville school board. He is a United Way board member and has been a community executive for our fundraising campaign for years. He talks the talk and walks the walk.  He is involved with many local organizations, especially those that reach out to underprivileged youth.

So Vote for Juan. Click here to view the video, then register and vote. You can vote once a day. Let us show the rest of the country that Charlottesville knows how to Live United. The eventual winner will be featured in our national trade association’s (United Way of America) national television ad in 2010. Vote!


Posted by Kim Connolly.

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