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UVA Intern Reflects on Her Experience at United Way

We just wrapped up the spring semester with another wonderful University of Virginia UIP Intern...the wonderful Kimberly Blick.  We miss her already! She shared a lovely thank you with us after she left that we want to share with you.

To the fabulous staff of United Way-Thomas Jefferson Area,

Kimberly I want to take this quick opportunity to express my HUGE gratitude and utmost appreciation for your help in making this year’s experiences possible.  To say I’ve enjoyed my internship would be an understatement; rather, I have truly looked forward to each day spent in the office.  I can genuinely say that your inspiration and guidance along the way were reinvigorating and life changing. 

I seemingly fell into my internship at United Way after my first non-profit ‘match’ fell through.  In retrospect, the re-match was a blessing in disguise.  Being able to work with and learn from each and every one of you has been remarkable.  I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with such a dynamic team of people.  My mind has been opened to the limitless ways that we can help and impact upon the community.  Thanks to your inspiration, I take with me a desire to continue bettering the area (I do embrace my ‘townie’ label, after all!) and a drive to make it happen. 

In particular, I want to thank you for continually expressing such interest in my personal and professional growth.  Discussions of my future have long resided on the jarring (and somewhat rhetorical) question of where my passions for psychology and sociology will take me.  The conversations that I’ve had with many of you regarding life post-grad have been nothing but uplifting, though.  I cannot say definitively what the future holds for me, but after our conversations I have faith that many directions will be possible.  I’ll be sure to report back when my psychology degree proves useful one day!

Finally, I want to relay how touched I am by the celebration that you organized in my honor.  Your personal sentiments and the generosity of your gift will long resonate within me as a positive, emotional endpoint for my experience.  I tend to become flustered and taken aback in the face of flattery, so if I didn’t communicate effectively over cake, let me reiterate:

Thank you for your time, encouragement, guidance, and support throughout the course of my internship.  It will long remain a personal and professional inspiration.


Kimberly Blick

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