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Summer Deadlines Pass. Day of Caring Project Registration Extended

Summer's here.  Been here for awhile now, actually.  Some folks are lucky enough to be in and out of the office on vacation.  Others are trying to cram as much into their summer work loads as they can to finish up projects or get a head start on new ones.  With all the busy-ness that is summer…deadlines come and go.  After 11 years in this job, I’ve learned that the July 30 deadline for submitting Day of Caring projects is one that lots of people miss!

First, September 22 just seems so far away that agency staff  have a hard time thinking that far ahead.  Second, it takes time to consider potential projects that really enthusiastic groups of volunteers can tackle in a half-day or full-day.  And third, once you get all those ideas formed, it takes a few minutes to go online to www.dayofcaring.info to register them.

I’ll give you that.  I know it takes time, planning and resources to engage groups of volunteers.  But think of the return on your investment.  You have the opportunity to introduce your agency to a whole new group of people.  They get to meet your staff and your clients.  You get to tell them about your mission and why what you do every day for our community is so important.  You get to know more about your volunteers and their interests and passions and maybe, if you ask them, they’ll come back and volunteer again.  After the Day of Caring, you have a whole new set of ambassadors for your organization.  Not to mention the fact that your files are organized, your closets are cleaned out, your conference room is painted and the bushes are trimmed back.  That’s just an added bonus…getting the work done just tops off this ready-made marketing opportunity!

We appreciate our local media outlets continuing to help get the word out.  Check out my interview with Bo Sykes on Friday’s Community Counts on Newsplex WCAV 19.  And The Daily Progress’s Bryan McKenzie did a great job in The Daily Progress this morning, pointing out my “problem.”  Thanks, guys, for spreading the word.

Don’t delay anymore!  We are looking for approximately 150 MORE projects than we have right now. Get those projects in at www.dayofcaring.info.  Just click the “We Need Volunteers!” link on the homepage.  Volunteer teams will begin selecting projects in less than two weeks.  The sooner you submit your project, the more likely it will be chosen.  Call me at 434.972.1705 with your questions or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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