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I feel energized and inspired by these young people

Do you want to do something that will make you energized and feel inspired about the future of our country?  Then consider mentoring at Teen Tech at Computers4Kids.

Teen Tech is a program for students who have graduated from the Computers4Kids middle school program and wish to continue learning about technology as well as prepare for college and career.  To mentor at Teen Tech  you  just drop in and help  anytime Monday to Thursday 3 to 8 pm.  Students who have come after school could be working on homework assignments,  filling out college applications,  writing an essay or applying  for work.  Help with writing a resume is another mentoring project.  Sometimes it is helpful to just participate in a good conversation about how to proceed with a project.

Student_computer142Many of the students are recent immigrants and speak English but need help with their grammar.  Giving advice about how to do research is also something the students appreciate.   Students have to learn how to do research – these are our future scientists, doctors, engineers, technicians and other career professionals.

The students are hardworking and very focused on their task.  They listen carefully to advice and try to incorporate all that they are told.  They are extremely polite and appreciate the help that is given.  Mentored students have better attitudes toward school, fewer absences from school, less alcohol and drug use, and develop better relationships with others.   This is what we should want for our future citizens.

Many of the students feel that it is important to give back to the community and are volunteers themselves at C4K or other organizations.  Each time I leave C4K I feel energized and inspired by these young people.


Guest post by Jackie Lichtman, Computers4Kids volunteer mentor

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